DIY Literary Mason Jars

DIY Literary Mason JarsI love a good afternoon craft project. Even better if it is something that I will ACTUALLY USE! Like so many of us these days, I have found myself with an abundance of mason jars (Oh farmhouse chic, what are you doing to me?!). It’s time to bust some of these babies out and have some fun!

It just so happens that along with my ridiculous amount of mason jars, I also have a staggering collection of books; as an English teacher this is bound to happen. I love the look of yellowing pages and printed word. The time has come to put these two bad boys together and make literary mason jars!

What I love about this particular project is that it can be whatever you want it to be. In this particular post, I am creating one to be a vase (and I’m going to show you the tiny little detail that will give the perfect looking bouquet every time!). However, these can be candle holders, pencil holders, or a whatever random thing you feel like putting in there holder. You can use any size jar you would like, whichever fits for your need.

Mason Jar
Modge Podge – I prefer matte finish
Sponge brush
Book pages

Grab your book of choice and make sure you don’t want to reread it first!  Start tearing out some pages. I like to skim through a find passages or words that really stand out.  If it is a book I know well, I find my favorite parts and use those.  It is best to start with about ten passages.  Once you have attached them to your jar, you’ll have a good idea of how many more pieces you will need. I do not like to use scissors for this part.  I like those frayed edges.  If it rips or comes out as a weird shape, oh well, that just means it will have more character!

READ  The D Word

Once you have some great pieces of literature torn up (forgive me English department), get that Modge Podge and sponge brush ready.  Dip your brush into the MP and brush it onto a section of the jar.  After you’ve done this, attach your first page piece.  Do this over and over until you have covered the jar.  If you have to rip up some of your passages to make them fit, so be it.  If some things have to be sideways or diagonal in order to fit, right on!  Make it look the way you want.

Once you have attached your pieces and your jar is completely covered, go back over the entire thing with another coat of MP.  You can use your brush to push out any crazy air bubbles or wrinkles that may have formed.  I like to put extra pressure along the the writing on the jar so I can make it out underneath the pages when it’s finished.


Set your jar on a plate and let it dry for about an hour. Give it another coat of MP and repeat this step.

Flower Frog

If you are planning on using your jar as a vase, there is a fabulous little piece called a Flower Frog, or simply wire mason jar lid, that are outstanding for this purpose. You can find them at your local craft store next to the inevitable giant mason jar display. Put this little guy on top of the jar and simply screw on the jar band and smile at your gorgeous creation. You can add your favorite ribbon around the band and seal it with a drop of  hot glue if you are looking for that “little extra.”

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  1. Oh goodness this is such a cute DIY idea!! a while back we had a literary themed bridal shower for a close girlfriend and this would’ve been such a good idea for the floral arrangements on the tables. Pinning for future reference

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